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Luma3DS v8.1

Luma3DS v8.1がリリースされていた


Add saving of Rosalina settings (key combo and homebrew title ID)
Add a reboot and a power-off option in the "Miscellaneous" Rosalina menu
Display the IP address on most menus when either InputRedirection or the GDB stub (or both) is enabled
Full support for system versions >= 4.0
Partial support (all arm9 patches, but no arm11 patch) for 3.0
Halve the time necessary to take a screenshot
Boots around 1 second faster on New 3DS
Add region-free patch for e-manuals
Add DSP firmware signature patch by @MerryMage
Fix InputRedirection, C-stick/ZL/ZR redirection works in games too
Fix langemu bugs
Fix write-only hardware watchpoint support in the gdbstub
Fix random boot issues
Fix booting on 2.x and 1.x dev units
Merge #561
Fix building on macOS
Other minor improvements and fixes