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ワイルドスピード:レジェンド v3.0リリースだ

Version 3.0 Build Notes


Open Crates fix

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Hello Everyone!

Shortly we will be releasing Version 3.0. I'm posting the notes here just to give everyone a heads up on what to expect!


Abu Dhabi
- Direct from Furious 7, you can now take your ride through the streets of Abu Dhabi!

New Rides
- Brand new luxury rides!! Mercedes and Maserati will be joining the Fast & Furious: Legacy roster!
- Get your garage ready! New hero cars from the Fast & Furious franchise have been added

New Collections Feature
- All owned (and new) rides count towards collections. Collect them all for sweet rewards!
- Every unique car contributes towards huge rewards!
- Complete time based collections to snag even bigger payouts!

New Vinyls and Decals
- We’ve added new vinyls and decals to help you deck out your ride and show off your style

Bug Fixes!
-Launch Fix
-Open Crates fix


Q: When does Version 3.0 come out?
A: Starting tomorrow the build will be available. However, some regions will have access to the build quicker than others.

Q: What race types are included in Abu Dhabi?
A: Street and Drag.

Q: When will we see the new cars?
A: We will be releasing them throughout the next few months. There is no set release schedule at the moment.

Q: Do I need to update to access the new cars/participate in events?
A: Yes. Both the events and cars rely on the new features coming with the build.